Tattoos Are Art . . .

I was involved in a recent discussion on the topic of tattoos. I was a little surprised to hear several women voice their dismay at young women choosing to permanently ink themselves. I live in Melbourne after all and this fair city is fast becoming the home of the sleeve tattoo... Given that I am working on a new tattoo for myself  and am an avid admirer of the craft of tattooing I though I might share the work of an extraordinary tattooist who lifts this trade into the realm of fine art.

Whip Shade 3 - tattoo on leather

Whip Shade 5 - tattoo on leather
The woman responsible for these four works is Amanda Wachob. She resides in New York and her practice includes not just tattoos but also some extraordinary experimental works on leather and fruit (yes, fruit!). No matter what her canvas, she clearly wields the tattoo gun as an artist's implement.