Seeing Stars. . .

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Busily knitting and preparing for exciting new autumn markets has taken me on a long and meandering digression from regular online contribution. Aside from my returning column with the Creative Women's Circle I decided to keep my nose in books this summer, fun books, interesting books, sketch books and accounting books! 

One of these books had activities for rainy days (or days where one is hiding from a heatwave) and I thought I would share my revived interest in a childhood pastime. To help anyone else who yearns to break from the break neck pace of the modern world here is a little fun with a piece of string. . .

Binary Stars - Design by Yukio Shishido 
Images Source - Instructions translated into laymans terms by Jack of Diamonds

Step 1 - Place loop around little fingers and thumbs to create a rectangle. 
Use your right index finger to collect the string from between your left fingers.
Step 2 - Repeat this action using your left index finger.
Step 3 - Release the loops held around your thumbs and move hands 
outward to take up the excess string created.
Step 4 - Use your thumbs to collect the sections of string between index and little fingers.
Take from below and it should look like this...
Step 5 - Now carefully use the little fingers to take the section of string running between the 
index fingers and thumb. Again this action is done from under the other string sections.

Step 6 - Using your thumbs collect the lower most string section between the little fingers.
Step 7 - Use your little fingers to loop under and catch the string from between the other little finger and index fingers. Now it should feel a little tight and each little finger should hold three loops.
Release the loops around the index finger and...
Step  - Using your right index finger take the top string section from between the little fingers.
Make sure you take this from over and behind...
Step 9 - Use you left index finger to take the section of string from between the right index and little fingers.
Step 10 - Using your right thumb, take the strand from between the two index fingers.
The thumb must take this strand from over and behind.
Step 11 - Use your left thumb to collect this new loop around the right thumb.
Step 12 - Release the loops from around the index fingers and wriggle the string out until it forms a rectangle as in the diagram below.
Step 13 - Using your index fingers, pick up the strands indicated above and lift them over the thumb and little fingers.
Wriggle again and...
are you seeing stars?